1. It is so hard to find a garage door repair service provider that is reliable, dependable and trustworthy. Good thing I found you guys. You did a great job in helping me had my garage door installed. — Arlan Paul
  2. Spring replacement has been troublesome for me and for my husband. There was a time that we thought someone was in the garage, because the garage doors cannot be opened nor closed properly. Thanks to you guys for helping us out with our spring replacement need. We never spend huge amount of cash on it. — Amy
  3. The installation of our garage doors was not straight forward. The guys demonstrated some of their technical abilities and we’ve ended up with an excellent job. The area was left clean. I would strongly recommend them. —- Almira
  4. As good as it can get with no problems from start to finish. The company did a great clean job installing the new roller shutter and removing the old one. I’d recommend this company based on my experience. Thanks to you guys! You are just the best. Good job! — Alfonso
  5. I am so happy with the garage door company in re-building the top of my wall just to make the garage door fit in perfectly and for staying till late to get the job done amazingly. Thank you so much — Alfie
  6. The team arrived promptly and were very speedy and efficient in removing the old door and fitting the new one. The door seems a big improvement since it was replaced and the quality of fittings seems very good. — Aliyah
  7. The only company to only take a few days to do a survey, then everything proceeded like a well-oiled machine, each step carried out perfectly and on time. The company did an amazing job with my garage door. Thanks to you! — Adrianne
  8. After having had quotes from a couple of other companies, I decided to go with The Garage Door Company. My money is all worth spending for this company. Good job guys. Until next time. —  Ally King
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